The Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation (AOSEF) is a federation of stock exchanges located in the Western Pacific, up to Mongolia in the north and up to India/Pakistan in the west. Founded officially in 1990 as a regional federation of stock exchanges, AOSEF began as EAOSEF (East Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation) in 1982 as an informal organization. It currently has 17 members.


AOSEF facilitates the exchange of information and promotes mutual assistance among its members, as well as represents the common interests of members and communicates them to external parties, with a view to developing the securities markets in the region.


The three organs of the federation and their functions are described below.


General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of AOSEF. It meets annually at venues organized by rotation of member stock exchanges.


The presiding Chairmanship of AOSEF also rotates, passing from the head of one host exchange to the next, immediately on completion of each General Assembly.

Working Committee

The Working Committee, which is the standing work force of AOSEF, is composed of one delegate from each member exchange. Besides periodically holding general discussions, its basic function is to handle research work and study key issues or concerns which may either be referred to it by the General Assembly or be selected by itself, after deliberation at one of its meetings.


The Secretariat is responsible for facilitating communications among member exchanges and the management of day-to-day affairs. Currently, the Secretariat is assumed by Japan Exchange Group, where it is also located.


Member Exchanges (as of April 2024)