Online Top Executives Meeting (March 7th)

Virtual Meeting Host/Moderator: Secretariat (JPX)


Working Committee (February 20th)

Virtual Meeting WC Chair: KRX 



Working Committee (June 29th)

Virtual Meeting WC Chair: KRX 


Working Committee (January 19th)

Virtual Meeting Moderator: Secretariat (JPX) 



Working Committee (June 23rd)

Virtual Meeting Moderator: Secretariat (JPX) 



General Assembly and Working Committee meetings were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Working Committee (November 14th)

Place: Bangkok  Host: SET


- Investor Education Working Group Meeting - ESG Investment for Investors

・Sharing and Discussion: Developing ESG Investment for Investors

・ESG Regulations and Responsible Investment

・Enhancing Business Value by Integrating ESG Practices

・ESG Investment from Why to Why Not


General Assembly (April 11th)

Place: Singapore Host: SGX


- Welcome Remarks: Mr. Loh Boon Chye, CEO of Singapore Exchange

- Admission of a New Member (Dhaka Stock Exchange)

- Keynote Speech: The Future of Financial Markets by Mr. Antony Lewis, Director of Digital Assets, R3

- Working Committee Report

- SGX Post Trade Journey Past, Present and Future of the Singapore Post Trade    Environment

- Progress Report of Discussion Groups

・Corporate Governance

・Information Disclosure

・Investor Education

- Brief Market Report by Each Member

- New Challenges Ahead - Sustainability



Working Committee (November 30th)

Place: Hanoi  Host: HNX


- Brief Report by Each Member

- Study Group Updates & Breakout Session - Investor Education, Corporate Governance, Information Disclosure


General Assembly (April 16th)

Place: Shanghai  Host: SSE


- Welcome Remarks: Mr. Huang Hongyuan, President of Shanghai Stock Exchange

- Keynote Speech: The Future of the Exchange Industry by Ms. Nandini Sukumar, CEO of WFE

- Working Committee Report

- Progress Report of Discussion Groups

・Investor Education

・Corporate Governance

・Information Disclosure

Session 1: Regulation

・See-through Supervision by Mr. Zhu Sheng, Shanghai Stock Exchange

・Cross-border Regulation Cooperation: by Ms. Xiao Bailing, Shenzhen Stock Exchange

- Brief Market Report by Each Member 

- Session 2: The trend of exchange industry by Mr. Jeremy Capstick, Managing Director, Head of EMEA Market Structure team, FIG, JP Morgan

- Session 3: From buzzwords to reality



Working Committee (November 17th)

Place: Taipei  Host: TPEx


- Member Updates 1: Capitalizing on Bursa Malaysia-i to promote ASEAN as an asset class

- Member Updates 2 - Members’ Report (Roundtable)

- Challenges Ahead


General Assembly (April 14th)

Place: Ho Chi Minh City  Host: HOSE


- Opening Remarks: Mr. Tran Van Dzung, Chairman of Hochiminh Stock Exchange

- Keynote Address : Mr. Vu Bang, Chairman of State Securities Commission of Vietnam

- Working Committee Report

- Brief Market Report by Each Member 

- Roundtable Discussion 1: Market Transparency – Recent Updates and Enhancement

- Roundtable Discussion 2: Startup Market – The role of the Stock Exchange

- Roundtable Discussion3: Change driven financial market – Keeping up with international development

- Open Session

・Topic 1: Introduction of characteristic products of bond markets

・Topic 2: The possible influence and impact on Asian stock markets for the sake of MSCI weight adjustment